The journey continues

Everywhere you would go in the fair you would see something extremely entertaining like street performers, parades of naked people, exciting commercial stands and small events to keep your mind occupied from everything in the outside world. Because when you’re at the fair there is no outside world, the fair really does become its own little universe and everyone there is experiencing the same universe at the same time. It’s a beautiful connection of energy amongst people, and it goes for people of all ages.

There were these guys that showed up in a limo that they drove all the way from los Angeles, they said that they got it from  he had a long lost cousin that just gave him the keys to an older limo he had. It was crazy the limo was filled with purple fur, a disco ball, and the mini bar was filled to the top. They had like 20 people in a 10 person limo!

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The Oregon Festivals!

A lot of people plan out their music festival experiences months in advance counting down the days in preparation for their experiences to see their favorite and new favorite artists at festivals like Summer Camp, Hangout and Coachella, but for me and my last experience at a music festival I arrived completely through spontaneity and at the very last minute.

But my last music festival wasn’t just a typical music festival, but it was one of the best musical experiences of my life. It was a weekend full of fun in the woods, magic, camping, theatrical performances, incredible food, even better people, and of course some good music.

I’m talking about the Oregon Country Fair.

It’s nestled into the deep woods just outside of Eugene, Oregon every July and it’s the type of event that locals look forward to every summer, and for good reason. There’s something really magical about this fair because it’s a camping event in the middle of the Oregon woods that transforms into its own small city of hippies and eclectic people for just a few nights. An entire culture instantly changes and you don’t necessarily feel like you’re in the United States anymore, but some magical forest straight out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

And I would know that it didn’t feel anything like America, because I drove across the American west to get there.

My journey just to the Oregon Country Fair was full of crazy experiences that eventually lead me to this great festival. It started in Washington D.C. on the steps of the Capital Building where my friend Travis and I were talking about how we were about to drive his car from his home in Maryland to Boulder, Colorado. We took one stop in Chicago and made it out to Boulder just a few days later where we spent about a week. Then my same friend asked me if I’d like to go camping out in Utah for a couple nights and then stay on his friend’s houseboat with his family on Lake Powell for a few more nights. It seemed like a great opportunity to have some fun and so I accepted the offer and we took his car on another road trip to the neighboring state and explored the mountains and desert of Utah.

But we were just getting started. From Utah we went straight to LA where I locked in the house I live in now, and after LA we went up to Sequoia, then Yosemite, then Redwoods National Parks camping every single night in beautiful locations. Just outside of Redwoods Park my friend called his uncle from Eugene who invited us to come stay at his house for a couple nights. Once we got to Eugene everyone was talking about the Country Fair that was happening that coming weekend, and because everyone was talking about it so much we decided that we had to stay and check it out for ourselves.

And so we went to the fair and it really was the magical experience that everyone talked about. People from all over Oregon and the Pacific Northwest flooded the fairgrounds, which is a stretch of connected woods about 20 minutes outside of Eugene. Inside these woods is multiple stages and pretty much anything imaginable for the fairies to do, and there was no boring moment ever.

Time to Dance!

I am a true fan of live music, you know that guy that somehow manages to always be backstage hanging out with the band, taking photos but then you see him crowd surfing and dancing all over the floor. That’s me, the name is Georgy. I am 26 years old and music is my life. The real highlight is festivals. To me there is nothing better in this world. Countless bands from all over the world playing every type of music for at least 2 days for one price. It’s brilliant for both parties.

On the band’s side they get to play for fans that didn’t necessarily come out to see them play. How many times do you remember coming out of the porta potty and been blown away by the band that you have never heard of that was playing the early slot. In your down time when you were planning on just cooking food at camp and resting this artist forced you to power through it and dance because they are so good.

And for us, the fans, I mean come on, it’s amazing. And most of the time the festivals are in a desolate beautiful area where you don’t get cell phone reception, thank God!  You are forced to be in the present moment. It’s active meditation at it’s finest. We are always told to be more present, get in your body. Well dancing is the best medicine around. It cures the soul. If you are not in your body you look like a fool for just standing there, or wading back and forth like a zombie, haha! If you are ever feeling sad or down, get out and dance, I guarantee there is an awesome artist performing tonight somewhere within driving distance of where you live. Get out and boogie!

I have made some of my closest friends at music festivals. Have you ever noticed that people are just a lot more friendly at these events? The layers of the onion are being ripped off by the rhythm of the music. The walls that people normally have up in society are stripped away. Judgement, racism, criticism, and segregation is set on hold at these festivals. It feels like you are on a completely different planet. And it feels good. For the most part you don’t even see cops, and I have been to a lot of festivals that don’t even allow cops to be on the premise. The festival typically supplies it’s own security and staff so that the safety level is there without the corruption.

The people make the experience so amazing. Like I was saying earlier, I am still friends with people that I met 5 years ago at a festival. Like minds go to these events, people that truly want to connect with no strings attached. Just celebrating life in an open field somewhere, or at the foot of the pyramids, or somewhere in Central America. It doesn’t matter where the festival is, the amazingness will be there.